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Why do a Custom Glass Bottle Design

Why do a Custom Glass Bottle Design?

We get asked this question a lot, as the logic goes why not just use the least expensive bottle in the marketplace. It all depends if you want your bottle to be the “white noise” that no one pays attention to as they walk down the liquor aisle in their local supermarket, or do you actually want to stand out and grab their attention.

Half-way To Your Shopping Cart!

This is my argument to everyone when it comes to a good looking custom bottles. If you can get someone to physically pick up your bottle because of its design then you are 75% of the way to their shopping cart. Isn’t that better than a bottle no one ever notices.

How Difficult Is It To Make A Custom Bottle?

It actually quite easy to make your own bottle, with your own design without spending a fortune. All we need is a simple sketch from you, or your graphic artist and we will do all the engineering for you for as little as $300. We have had people give us designs on a napkin, or slip of paper and they are opening a full production tool within 10 days.

Does Embossing (or raising) My Logo In the Glass Make the Bottle More Expensive?

That’s the beauty of a custom mold in that things like having your logo, or name raised out of the glass does not cost you a penny more.

Should I Do Decoration In China?

It really depends on the decoration, if you are doing a paper or plastic label then I would say no as these are about the same prices in China as they are here. However if you want to do a nice silkscreened logo (like a Grey Goose) or any other form of baked on logo then you can easily save 30-40% by having this done in China


How Much Does A Tool Cost?

You can do a sample tool for as little as $1500 and then apply this to full set of production tools for only $3,000~ $4,000 and this does not matter if your bottle is 50ml, all the way up to 1.75L. Many times a customer will make a sample tool of their own design so that they can get the exact feel of what it will look like on the shelf.

So What’s The TimeLine To make a Custom Bottle?

Your drawings to 2D or 3D Engineering: 7-10 Days

Sample or Production Tool: 30 Days after approval of drawings

Actual Production Of One Container of Glass: 30 Days

So basically you could go from your simple sketch to a custom bottle in your hand in as little as 70 days.

As we state above it is really easy an inexpensive to create your very own custom designed bottle in chaina for very little cost.

How Custom Bottle Done From Yunbo Glass? See this Video!

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